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We believe the streets, roads, and sidewalks are among the most used and most valuable assets of every city. We feel that transit is a human necessity and should be accessible to all regardless of social class, ethnic, racial, and linguistic backgrounds.

We deem that by decreasing the number of cars on the streets and by reducing the need for automobiles, we will alleviate the huge amounts of carbon pollution created when a new car is produced as well as the carbon emitted during the operation of automobiles. Riding a bicycle offers the multiple benefits of low-cost transit, access to public transit and the maintenance and improvement of individual, community and global health through calories burned and an increased metabolism that combats health ailments such as type two diabetes, heart disease, and obesity, brought on by a sedentary lifestyle.

Reducing the use of automobiles and increasing the use of bikes for transportation and lifestyle purposes will also lower health care costs. Research demonstrates that physical exercise combats depression. In turn, we are strong believers that bicycle use will also result in reduced violent crime and will aid with overall happiness. In addition, by refurbishing bicycles and creating more commuter cyclists now and in the future we will alleviate Co2 by decreasing car trips and traffic, lessening the damage to public streets, reducing repaving cost, reducing landfill waste and improving the overall environment.

We stand by the conviction that property ownership increases stakeholdership and is necessary for meaningful engagement in local empowerment. Our rides will continue to build a strong political base and grow in size and popularity. Because people who ride bikes patronize local business much more than motorists, we believe the money saved by cost effective transportation will cycle through our local economy.

We feel that bicycles, popularly considered either a sign of poverty among the poor or a harbinger of gentrification for the prosperous, are a trojan horse for change. We believe in the alchemy of community to create the change they want to see and we are committed to using bicycles as the vehicles for healthy civic change, increased civic pride and an antidote to displacement.


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