Rich City Mothership


Help secure a permanent home for Rich City Rides Bike Shop,

Rich City Gallery, and the Rich City Rides office.

The Mothership of RICH CITY has served as the hangar bay for our most successful projects. It serves as the home for the nonprofit Rich City Rides office that has launched the bike shop and gallery and nurtured projects such as Unity Park, Dirt World, RICH CITY Bike Hub and numerous art projects.


Help us secure a permanent home for the worker-owned cooperative bike shop we founded 8 years

Help Make Sure Our Roots Remain Planted.

Our priority is to secure a home for our local Black-led worker-cooperative retail shop. Launched in 2014, Rich City Rides Bike Skate Cooperative ushered in the revitalization of downtown Richmond. As the first worker-owned California Cooperative in the history of downtown Richmond, California, and the first Richmond-based bike shop to serve the community in years, the shop inspired entrepreneurs to take a chance on the historic downtown Richmond. Following the opening of the bike shop came a LatinX restaurant, Mexican family-owned Print Shop, Asian food restaurant, Black-owned Barbershop, two Black-owned gift shops, and a Black-owned BBQ food cart.

Prior to transitioning the space into a bike shop, we provided art space to produce banners for the 2014 August 9th Our Power Day of Action. We joined forces with the Climate Justice Alliance, APEN, Ruckus Society, and organizations that would later form the Richmond Our Power Coalition.

This collaboration centered the space as a hub for social and environmental justice in our fenceline community. With an oil giant next door greenwashing neighboring nonprofits with hush money, Rich City has honored its commitment to refuse direct funding from Chevron for nearly a decade. The Bike shop officially opened in September 2014, soon after the day of action, deeply planting its roots in the foundation of the Just Transition movement.

Help make sure our roots remain planted.

The most vulnerable aspect of a brick-and-mortar business is the speculative market. A property purchase can put the company in danger of closing. We have an outstanding opportunity to purchase the building that the Rich City Rides Cooperative Bike Shop, the Rich City Gallery, the food truck lot, and our beloved Rich City nonprofit office call home.

Rich City Rides Bike Skate Shop Cooperative

Rich City Riders gather up at the shop before taking a healthy two-wheeled tour.

Rich City Gallery

An African centered cultural space for environmental and social justice.

Rich City Nonprofit Office

A hub for youth and community stewardship programs.

Youth Bike Club

Youth Bike Club members meet the community need by hosting a grab-n-go food station during the first year of Covid-19.


We need to raise $2,800,000 for the purchase of 1500 Macdonald Avenue and secure the future of The Mothership.

We’re in a pivotal time in our organization. The owner of our home base on the corner of 15th and Macdonald Avenue is providing us with an opportunity to purchase the building. Help us create a permanent home for Rich City office and the community led projects Rich City has launched from our home here in Richmond. Help us meet the challenge.

Invest in the Rich City Mothership

Your investment in the Rich City Mothership will allow us to anchor our roots, provide community care, and the launchpad for collective and cooperative economic development that our community needs. Our plan is to acquire the property by December 31st, 2022, and build out the Mothership in 2025 as we are able to secure funds.

To Make a Contribution Send a Check to Our Fiscal Agent :

Urban Tilth

323 Brookside Drive

Richmond, California 94801

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The Rich City Mothership

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