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Rather than using the existing petroleum-based market to establish new businesses and inspire enterprise, RICH CITY Rides is introducing at-risk communities to the emerging “green” markets, sparking a host of ideas of how under-served communities can help develop carbon neutral solutions in the face of climate change. RCR focuses on the bicycle, as an alternative to motorized transportation. Bikes are an affordable, money saving, resource conserving and healthy choice that should be available and accessible culturally to all, not just those with the privilege to choose.


Unlike other EAB programs, participants don’t receive a bike by building their own bike. Instead they work with a mentor to repair bikes for others, and with the guidance of RCR staff, work with each other in teams to run the bike shop collectively. RCR’s focus on interdependence (rather than isolation), peer-to-peer mentoring, and building relationships sets us apart from other EAB programs.



Everybody Rides

An incentive program providing refurbished bikes at no cost. Need a bike? Just fill out a Bicycle Request Form. Join one or more rides and you get to keep the bike forever. We provide new bicycles and helmets to youth and families during the holidays. RICH CITY Rides has gifted more than 3,000 people with bicycles.

Community Care Sunday Rides

Where: 1605 Ohio Avenue at Unity Park in Richmond, CA. When: Every first and fourth Sunday from 10:00am-1:00pm.

These family friendly social rides are designed for riders of all ages, regardless of their level of expertise. If you cannot ride a bike for any reason, we have pedicabs. We believe in radical inclusivity. Rides include rest and play stops at local parks and public spaces. Special themed rides (Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparents Day, Pride Ride, MLK Day, for example) end in pop-up picnics, or art and cultural events. We loan bikes to anyone who needs one. We leave no one behind! RICH CITY Rides has led over 400 Rides since 2012!

Bike Rodeos

Where: Richmonds Public Schools. When: Tuesday Afternoons

Kids and youth learn how to bike safely in all situations and settings, in a supportive, fun and comfortable environment, set up and facilitated by RICH CITY Rides staff and youth leaders.

Bike Clubs

Where: West County High Schools and Middle Schools

RICH CITY Rides Bike Clubs include public middle, and high school students throughout Richmond, and North Richmond. Our members learn how to ride bikes in all conditions, and develop bike repair and maintenance skills. Each member receives a bike of their own. More importantly they build strong relationships, learn responsibility, team building, and community stewardship. RICH CITY Rides staff works with bike club members to grow the club, and lead community activities, developing job skills and fostering self-confidence.

RICH CITY Rides Unity Park Bike Hub

Where: 1605 Ohio Avenue, Richmond, CA 94804

Our partnership with the City of Richmond, opened in January 2019. This 12’ by 20’ “super shed” houses bike repair facilities, bike education classes, rides, and activities for children and youth. with peak activities scheduled during the summer.

Park Cleanups

Where: A park in Richmond!

When: Check our Calendar regularly for updates!

Volunteers and neighbors work side-by-side, once a month, from 10am until 12pm, cleaning up and beautifying the Richmond Greenway, and other city parks and destinations. Sign up to volunteer! See you there! RICH CITY Rides has led over 80 park clean-ups!


Where: The Unity Park Bike Hub

Each Friday Evening from 4:00 – 6:00 pm RICH CITY Rides Mechanics, Youth Fellows and Volunteers are here to help our community keep their bikes running smoothly. We provide all the tools and the knowledge to help people repair, refurbish and renew their bicycles for free, clients need to provide their own new parts as needed. All parts are available at the RICH CITY Rides Cooperative Bike Shop prior to Fix it Friday events each week. RICH CITY Rides has held 800+ free bicycle repair workshops to date.

Black Women Wellness Wednesdays

Where: Rich City Gallery

Black Women Wellness Wednesdays is a healing-and-mindfulness space for cisgender Black Women to get familiar, be vulnerable and speak her truth. It also connects women of all ages, encourages positive and non-judgmental dialogue, and builds individual-and community betterment. Limited to 10 women to maintain an intimate environment.

RICH CITY Rides Black Power Youth Fellowship, and Youth Leadership Programs

Where: At our Non-Profits headquarters and at our Cooperatively owned Bike shop.

1500 MacDonald Avenue Richmond, CA 94801

RICH CITY Rides Black Power Youth Fellowship is open to all Black African American Youths between the ages of 16 and 24 years old. Our Youth Leadership Programs are open to all Youth. Currently we have 3 Youth Fellows in action. These are paid positions which offer extensive training, and ongoing mentorship in all aspects of RICH CITY Rides Programming and development. We aim to empower our youth to achieve their own highest levels of potential. Youth learn leadership skills, bike repair and maintenance skills, event planning and organizing, public speaking, public relations and fundraising skills. We have seen extraordinary successes arise from our youth mentorship programs. Our Youth Fellows go on to become scientists, scholarship winners, business owners, activists, environmental stewards and responsible, confident, compassionate community leaders.


Where: Unity Park

RICH CITY Rides hosts regular pop ups with vendors showcasing locally produced goods, park cleanups and bike rides which help to activate our public spaces and create a safer, more connected culture of citizenship and stewardship. We have held more than 1,232 community events and activities helping to activate our local parks, and creating a safer, healthier, more equitable Richmond.

Contact Information

1500 C Macdonald Ave, Richmond, CA 94801

(510) 288-0944 info@richcityrides.org
Business Hours:

Monday to Friday: 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Saturday to Sunday: Closed

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